Backlink Audit & Analysis

We automatically identify, analyze & qualify your site's backlinks.

Backlink identification

With LinkDelete we’ll automatically identify all of your links from the internet's most popular backlink checking services. This ensures that all possible links that can be accounted for are taken into consideration.

Proprietary link analysis algorithm

Since 2012 we’ve analyzed hundreds of millions of links and have developed proprietary analysis algorithms to identify unnatural backlinks. We take a look at over 75+ different metrics and datapoints for each individual link. Our link analysis intelligence engine is constantly evolving to ensure we’re utilizing all metrics available.

Sample data considered

Spam IP neighborhoods
Spam IP neighborhoods
Link scoring algorithm
Link networks
Outbound links
Unnatural link database

Unnatural link database

We cross check all of your links against the largest list of known unnatural domains already marked unnatural by Google! Since starting in 2012 we’ve helped hundreds of clients remove unnatural link related penalties. This has allowed us to further refine our link analysis algorithms and ensures we’re removing only the worst offending links from your website's profile.

Human-level link analysis

We don’t stop there. We know that algorithms can only go so far in determining link quality. Our trained link analysis experts will manually review your backlinks and provide you with an easy to understand report recommending which links to have removed. This ensures we’re working on the worst offending links first.

Easy to understand link audits

We’ve simplified our audits to make sure that it’s easy to understand which links are helping and more importantly which links could be damaging to your website’s rankings.
All LinkDelete packages include
Fully managed link removals
Our team of SEO experts manage the entire backlink removal process for you from start to finish.
Backlink audit
We perform a thorough link identification & auditing process to provide you with a detailed backlink audit.
Human link removals & outreach
Our outreach & link removal team will visit each website and get in contact with Webmasters to remove bad links.
Google disavow file
Each package receives an up-to-date Google disavow file based on your individual link removal campaign.
Helpful support
Our support team is here to help every step of the way. From live chat to email support we're always here to help.